Top 5 Drone Fishing Fails

Someone came up with the idea of fishing using their drone and the trend 'caught' on. Only time would cause the inexperienced drone fishermen to 'catch' their antics on film therefore allowing me to make a compilation video! Thank you aspiring drone fishermen, your expensive drones have not gone to waste! Take a look at these video's so you don't have to go through the torment of fishing with your drone or heartbreak of sinking your own drone! Video Credits: Drone Fishing... And Then I Crash It Drone Fishing Gone Wrong Fishing with drone turns to biggest fail Using your drone for Fishing can go terribly wrong Drone Catches Fish and Crashes!!! (Ice Fishing for Arctic Char) Audio Credits: Intro - My dirty little secret (not a song, lol) Andrew apple pie - berlin - - - First Video & Outro Ukiyo - My eyes"


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